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Call:    712-823-0443 ext. 102

Please Complete to Request Our Loads

8:00 – 4:00 CENTRAL TIME

All after hour requests, will be processed the next business day.

We Must Be Certificate Holders:
Both Cargo & Liability Insurance

Have your agent send us BOTH certificate listing AAALL STATES AUTO TRANSPORT, INC as certificate holder.

AAALL States Auto Transport, Inc.
P.O Box 146
Schaller, IA 51053

Fax: 712-823-0443

What We Demand
From All Trucks We Hire!

We DEMAND professionalism by all trucking companies we hire!

We EXPECT great communication with our clients at all times, as you are working for us and representing Aaall States Auto Transport!

We sell our services as door-to-door.  We expect you get as close to this as you possibly can.  We don’t tolerate laziness and excuses.

Requests for loads will be answered in the order they are received
through this page only.

Once you complete form on this page, we will contact you if the load is available for dispatch!