5 Myths about Auto Transporting

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5 Myths about Auto Transporting

There are several misconceptions when it comes to commerce regardless of the product in question. The car shipping industry is no stranger to misleading assumptions picked up from misinformed customers and onlookers. Before transporting my car to the new state where I’ll be relocating, I understand the importance of dispelling these common falsities. Getting to the core truth provides the clarity and peace of mind needed to invest in the services of vehicle transporters. During the process of moving, I’ve learned the facts behind these misjudgments. Take a look; there’s never a wrong time to be prepared.

1) There’s usually a deposit required.

I didn’t think an initial deposit sounded like a good idea, but I wasn’t certain since this is my first time looking into auto transporting. Apparently, it’s like paying someone before they’ve actually become your employee. Unless it’s written in a contract that you’re getting an advance for a lengthy project, this isn’t the way a general job offer works. The same goes for car shipping companies who are only supposed to charge transport fees after the manual labor is completed. Most places do request credit card information just to secure the order beforehand. Any other kind of deal is shady and should be reported as fraudulent.

2) Most car shipping companies require the purchase of cargo insurance.

This point couldn’t be further from the truth either. Car transporters don’t ask clients to pay for cargo insurance directly through them. Instead, the driver of the vehicle during the transporting process must be properly insured.

3) Additional fees like fuel surcharge and sales tax may be tagged onto the quoted price once the order is confirmed.

If one of these misconceptions was the ultimate deal breaker, this one would probably be it. All potential charges must go in the initial quote given. Anything relayed afterward is considered hidden fees which sound like a really shifty setup. Stay away from companies that aren’t upfront when it comes to financial matters.

4) Placing an order with multiple brokers at a time will get faster results.

This is a somewhat true statement. Customers may wind up getting faster results by placing several orders with different carriers, but chances are they won’t get the results that they want. Neither will the trucking industry because too many people sending in multiple orders with different brokers will send all companies into a frenzy and eventually, a downward spiral. It’s best to place a single order and work with one broker to make it easier on everyone.

5) Terminal companies are just as convenient as auto transport companies that move single cars.

Terminal companies typically gather a load of cars to transport from one locale to another. As a result, it could take up to several weeks to get a vehicle moved. I prefer a company with a truck that goes directly to the door.

I’m taking all these points and their truths into consideration as I aim to find the best deal on car shipping. Being informed goes a long way.

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