Auto Shipping Prices on the Rise Nationwide

Need to ship your car or truck?

Auto Shipping Prices on the Rise Nationwide

If you’ve called for a quote from a car shipping company recently and noticed that prices seemed higher, you’re not alone. Prices have been on the rise for auto shipping across the country. The laws of supply and demand have a lot to do with the recent increases — and yes, the weather has something to do with it as well.

Even holidays play a small role in the rise in prices. Fewer trucks on the road and fewer drivers to keep them rolling limits the supply of available spots for those wishing to ship their cars. Wintertime also brings an increase in demand for shipping, as snowbirds heading to warmer climates often fly to their winter destinations while requiring their cars to be shipped.

And yes, the weather plays a big part. Snow slows down delivery schedules (and increases the number of people who don’t feel comfortable making cross-country drives and decide to call an auto transport company).

All of these factors end up creating a backlog of cars waiting to be shipped — which puts the customers waiting for shipping on the “demand” side of the supply and demand cycle. Car shipping companies have plenty of cars to deliver, and they can pick and choose the routes that are smoothest for them. The overall result is the increase in prices for those waiting in line, especially if they’re off well-traveled routes.

Other factors can also affect pricing. Customers are more likely to want enclosed auto shipping carriers during the winter if they’re having their car transported through inclement weather. If you’re shipping an exotic or classic car, of course you want to protect it from wind, hail, snow, and dust on the road. However, if you’re making a multi-state move or heading to your winter home, and you just need basic transportation available in your new location, you can save money, and possibly find speedier shipping, by opting to ship your car on an open car carrier.

Working with a car shipping company you can trust smooths the process at every step of the way. We work with you to find the easiest and least expensive route and shipping options, so you can have your car where you need it when you need it. Call us today to see how we can help you with all your car transport needs.

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