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Ever find yourself spending more time trying to deliver an already sold vehicle over selling more vehicles?

Where is your time more valuable to you and your dealership?

We are one of many companies that are called Auto Shipping Brokers.   We thrive on providing the best customer service in the auto transport industry.  We can make your transactions run more smoothly by you outsourcing to industry professionals, who can answer all your customer’s questions.   We have been shipping cars for many years and are efficient on locating trucks on all routes in the United States

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Some brokers may have poor ratings and we encourage everyone to research on or    If companies are not doing the right thing, their ratings will reflect.

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Why dealers benefit by using brokers:

  • Let us be that barrier between you and online customers that allow you to spend your time where it is needed…. selling more vehicles!

  • We have a full dispatch department and over 6,000 approved carriers in our system.

  • We have lots of dealers we work with that simply direct all shipping to us and we handle the contracts directly with the customer.   Doing so, helps the customer educate on what they are actually doing in shipping a vehicle.

  • If issues arise, they can be directed to a 3rd party shipping company and not your dealership.   #1 issue that can cause the online purchase to be cancelled among dealers handling the shipping process themselves.

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