How Fast Will You Get Your Car, When Shipping it?

There’s never a hard-and-fast answer to the question of how quickly you’ll get your car when you’re shipping it. The answer depends on several key factors. Take a look.

Where Are You Coming From? And Where Are You Going?

If your car is being picked up from a major city and you’re meeting it in a major city, you’re more likely to be on a major car shipping route. For instance, plenty of people ship their cars from New York to Miami each year. If you’re in a more remote location on either end, the pick-up and delivery will take a little more time.

How Far Are You Traveling?

In general, it takes about two days to deliver a car across a distance of 500 miles or so, four days to transport it 1,000 miles, and about eight days for a car hauler to travel 2,000 miles. Remember, drivers are limited to 11 hours of driving a day. Yes, you can look for a car transport company that sends out teams of drivers,but expect to pay more if you take this option.

What’s the Weather Like?

Tornadoes in the Midwest during the summer. Snowstorms across the northern half of the country during the winter. Weather is always a factor when transporting a car (just as it would be if you were driving yourself). If your driver has to wait out a storm, you can expect to add a couple of days to the arrival estimate your car shipping company gave you.

Are We Dropping the Car at Your Home?

You may need to add a day or so to your delivery time if you want your vehicle brought straight to your front door. While we’re happy to do it, door-to-door delivery requires knowing whether your city requires permits to drive a big trailer onto your street (or if they allow it at all). We also need to coordinate with your own schedule, something we don’t have to do if we’re dropping the car at a delivery lot where it’ll wait for you to pick it up.

How Big Is Your Vehicle?

If you’re shipping a large SUV or truck, it may take a little longer to get it to you than would be the case for a compact car. That’s because most car haulers can only hold four large SUVs at a time, so you may have to wait a bit longer to find an available spot.

Are You Paying the Market Rate?

Car transport companies typically schedule higher-paying customer more quickly than folks looking for a discount. In fact, if you’ve been quoted a suspiciously low price, press that car shipping company for a hard estimate on delivery — or be prepared to wait for your car to arrive.

Even with all these factors going into the timing of your car’s delivery, you always have the option to pay extra to expedite your delivery, maybe by dropping it off at your door or by being the only car on the trailer. If you’re really in a hurry, ask us what steps we can take to speed things up.