Ship Your Vehicle with Open Trailer Auto Transport—When You Will Need It

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Ship Your Vehicle with Open Trailer Auto Transport—When You Will Need It

You’ve probably seen them driving down the freeway—those large trucks with open trailers hauling multiple vehicles. When most people see them, they often wonder which auto dealership is getting a shipment of new cars. Did you know, though, that a lot of times those trailers aren’t hauling for auto dealerships? It’s true. A car transport company can be hired by anyone, including you and me.

If you need to ship your vehicle, you can save a lot of time and expense by using a car transport company. At first it may be easy to conclude that the best option is to drive the car yourself to wherever you need to go. But if you look at the expenses involved, as well as the time factor, it may be best to hire a car transport company to ship your car to your desired destination. In what kind of situations might you need to hire a car transport company?


Making a Cross Country Move

People move all the time; it’s a fact of life. There are a variety of reasons why people need to move:

  • A new job
  • Going back home after living away for a while
  • Seeking adventure
  • Needing a change of pace.

Whatever the reason for the move, we usually want our car to accompany us. For some, the most obvious way to ensure this is to drive the vehicle to their new home.

This can get a bit sticky sometimes.

For instance, what if you have more than one vehicle but only one driver? While you drive one car, a car transport company can ship your other car(s) to your new house. This will save you some expense and from having to ask a friend or family member to drive the extra car(s) for you.  Overall, it may be just easier to ship your vehicle.

Another situation might involve starting a new job ASAP. When this happens, we don’t have the time to drive a car across the country. Sometimes, all the time we have is to grab a suitcase and catching a flight to the new city. Our belongings, including our vehicle will have to follow along after.

If you’re facing either of these situations, hiring a car transport company to ship your vehicle may be your best bet.

Leaving the Nest and Heading to College

Just because someone turns eighteen doesn’t mean we’re ready to let them take on all of the responsibilities of an adult. This might be the case when your teenager has decided to move across the country to attend college. Imagining them driving their car and their belongings across the country can be a stressful thought to any parent. And, if your teenager isn’t a particularly experienced driver, that task could be stressful on you both.

This is where a car transport company would do a world of good. Ship your vehicle economically by hiring an open trailer transport company. You will be happy knowing your child is safe and they will be happy knowing they can enjoy their college experience instead of driving across the country.

A Must for Auto Dealerships

It seems logical that larger auto dealerships utilize this kind of transportation for their new arrivals. But even very small dealerships can take advantage as well. Most car transport companies have a variety of open trailers, which can carry from 1-2 cars, or up to 10 cars.

The Classic Car—Transporting Your “Baby”

Most towns have an annual classic car show. If you’re like most of the people in my hometown, this is a highlight of the year. Who doesn’t love checking out the cars of yesteryear? A lot of the car owners drive their cars from event to event. For others, though, it would actually save them a lot of time and expense to have their prized possession transported.

So…You Purchased a Car on EBay?

More and more people these days are purchasing nearly everything online. From their groceries to their clothing, everything can be found online. In fact, just a few years ago someone bought an actual town off of EBay. It’s no surprise, then, that we can purchase a car online.

If you’ve bought a car, you’re going to have to figure out a way to pick it up, which could get expensive if the car isn’t nearby. Why spend money on a plane or bus ticket, or burden a busy friend or family member to drive you? Instead, hire a car transport company and ship your vehicle practically to your front door.


Open trailers aren’t just for car dealerships anymore. More people are seeing the value in hiring a vehicle transport company to get their cars to them quickly and at a reasonable price. If you find yourself facing the question of how to get your vehicle from one place to another, take some time to consider open trailer transport.

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