State to State Car Shipping: The Process and a Few Do’s And Don’ts

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state to state car shipping
State to State Car Shipping: The Process and a Few Do’s And Don’ts

Are you moving from one state to another? Getting your car from here to there can be easy if you know the process. There are many state to state car shipping and vehicle transportation companies, and finding the right auto transport company can be tricky without the kind of service we offer.

Do’s and Don’ts of Arranging for Transport

You may think all you have to do is call up a car shipper and book a reservation as you would book a train or a plane to your new destination.  Although you can do this, the most cost effective way and easiest way to have your car transported is to contact a broker like Aaall States Auto Transport Inc.

We deal with reputable vehicle transportation firms all over the country and will book your automobile’s journey for you. While we will collect your payment information when you book with us, you will not be charged until your car is on the truck and ready to be shipped. If you are using a credit card, this saves you unnecessary interest charges.

Preparing Your Vehicle for State to State Car Shipping


While we deal only with automobile transportation companies that have the best delivery and safety records, the reality is that accidents do sometimes happen. Even the best driver cannot control what the drivers around him do.

Call your insurance company to be sure that your policy covers your car being transported from one state to another.  Some policies do cover your car under any circumstances, but some policies require you to pay an additional fee for a rider to your policy during the transportation time.

State Laws and Regulations:

Each state has its own laws and regulations concerning state to state car shipping.
Automobile inspection criteria varies from state to state also. You will save yourself time later by checking on what the state where you are moving requires, and bringing your vehicle into compliance with it. You can also get your car licensed in the new state before it arrives.

Check with the Division of Motor Vehicles in each state to see what is needed, so that your car will be ready to drive when it arrives. Most state Motor Vehicle agencies offer online services where you can take care of most of this.

Bring your car into compliance with the new state’s inspection criteria so that when you take it to an inspection station, it readily passes inspection.

Service Your Car for Its’ Journey:

Changes in weather and climate both affect vehicles during state to state car shipping. Going from a warm state to a cold state will affect the way the fluids in your car behave. You may need to have the fluids replaced to allow for peak performance from your car in its new location. You may even need to get new tires to pass inspection in your new state.

Clean Your Car:

Your car will be inspected by the automobile transportation carrier driver before it is loaded onto the carrier. Any visible dents, problems, and defects will be noted by the driver for you or your designated person to sign off on.

Since you will be involved with packing and coordinating your move, remember that many car washes nowadays provide a complete car cleaning service.

Remove EVERTHING from your Car:

The auto transport company does not want to be responsible for your things that you leave in the car. Your car insurance also will not likely cover these items if they are lost. So, be sure to remove everything. Here’s a handy list to ensure you get it all:

  1. Glove box

We all have a tendency to put what we consider important papers in the glove box. We keep the car’s manual, its’ registration paper, inspection stickers, repair receipts, and various other things in the glove box. It is important to remove all documents and everything else from the glove box, leaving it completely empty.

  1. Compartment(s) between bucket seats

This is where many of us keep our portable GPS’s in the older cars that do not have an installed GPS. We may also keep change for tolls, sunglasses, and many other sundry items. Remove all of it and box it up to ship with your household goods.

  1. Express toll collection devices

Remove your E-ZPass or other toll collection device from your windshield and store it where you can easily retrieve it in your new location to reattach to your car.

  1. Car trunk

Be sure to remove jumper cables and any other loose items from your trunk.

  1. CD players, DVD players, and radios

Many companies also recommend that you remove not only the removable ones, but the installed versions also as replacements are not covered by most car insurance policies.

One last tip: if you cannot be with your car when it is picked up for state to state car shipping, leave it with a trusted friend or relative who can be with it as it is inspected before being loaded on the carrier, and who can sign the forms necessary.

We hope these do’s and don’ts of transporting your car from one state to another will help you on your way easily and safely.

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