Taking an Active Part in the Car Shipping Process

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Taking an Active Part in the Car Shipping Process

I’ve never used an auto transporting service before, but recently decided to give it a shot when I found out I was being transferred for my job. Relocating can be an experience that’s full of pleasant surprises, but it can also feel overwhelming and put a lot of unnecessary stress on the mover if not fully prepared. Plus, my car isn’t in the best shape to be parading across the country. I’d rather be on the safe side and ship it so I don’t have to worry about breakdowns or malfunctioning parts in the future when I really need to depend on it.

Since I’m new to the car shipping process, it’s imperative that I educate myself on what I need to do in order to stay abreast of all the information that comes my way before and after show time. Honestly, I’m really not looking forward to it because it’s time-consuming, but I know the energy will be well-spent and I’ll see the positive results in the long run. It’s up to me to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as planned if I want to get the most out of moving to a new state and enjoying my newfound life. Here’s a few steps that will help me stay involved as much as I need to.

Be Vocal

The saying ‘closed mouths don’t get fed’ couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not the loudest or most gregarious person in the bunch, but when it comes to speaking up about something as important as shipping my vehicle, there’s no doubt that I need to voice my concerns and ensure all details are communicated clearly to me. This involves polishing my communication skills and being on the same page with the vehicle transport company representative. Asking questions is a must because keeping quiet on questionable issues will only wreak havoc sooner or later.

Read the Fine Print

It’s also crucial to read everything on the contract before signing the dotted line. There’s always some things that stand out more than others on the page, but the smallest print is usually the most integral part of the agreement with pertinent information that could really be impactful. If I’m not aware of what every sentence says before I write my signature, I’m subject to have some serious repercussions that could reflect negatively on me.

Know Your Point of Contact

Having one spokesperson from the car shipping company is ideal as well. Consulting with multiple representatives to make one arrangement can get confusing and lead to a lot of miscommunication. I’ll be more confident in the process as a whole if I know that one person has taken the lead on making sure my vehicle is transported rather than several people holding pieces of the case.

Perform a Pre-Inspection

Before I have the car shipped, I want to take pre-inspection photos that display the vehicle’s condition before it was transported. It’s also a good idea to give an accurate description to the company’s representatives about the status of the car.

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