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We are auto transport specialists who provide outstanding service based on integrity & honesty.    We Do NOT charge a fee until your car is actually loaded onto a car transport.   Don’t be fooled by false promises & guarantees others may give… only to regret it down the road.   The internet is flooded with vehicle shipping companies.  Most are all brokers & do the exact same thing.  At Aaall States Auto Transport Inc, we just tell you that up front.

  • No Deposit | We don’t get paid until your vehicle is loaded.
  • Nationwide | Door to door service.
  • We coordinate your whole move!
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured for your piece of mind.
  • Best customer service in the industry.  We don’t lie to customers.
  • Full dispatch department and email notifications.
  • Enclosed Trailer Auto Transport Quotes
  • Inops
  • Average pick up window is 1-5 days
  • Expedited Service Available
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • MC# 462016

Why Ship With Us?

  • No Deposit Auto Transport – We don’t charge anything until your vehicle is loaded on a transport. This makes us on the same page with you in wanting the vehicle loaded ASAP, once ready.
  • No Lies We try to educate consumers on the process of shipping vehicles. We understand that most people have never done this before & are overwhelmed of the process. We are here to answer any questions you may have throughout your whole car transport experience. For answers to general questions about car shipping, check out our Car Transport FAQ page.
  • We Disclose Our Location – Are other companies not showing you where they are located? If so, it is for a reason. Legit businesses should disclose their physical location & not just a P.O. Box or Suite #. We have no problem telling customers we are located 102 E. 2nd St.  Schaller, IA 51053.  We are proud of our “Small-Town” Customer Service Values. Where service still matters.
  • Dispatch Notifications – Our dispatchers will notify you once we have located a car transporter for your move.   They will notify you by phone and send you a courtesy e-mail letting you know your auto has been assigned to a Car Transporter.   Our dispatchers & customer service agents are some of the best in the Auto Shipping industry.

How May We Help You?

  • Open Trailers -95% of cars are shipped on open trailers.  This is the most common & economical way to ship your vehicle.  Your vehicle will be loaded onto an “open” air trailer & will be open to the elements.   Just as if you were driving the car down the road.   If you are concerned about damage, don’t be.  All new vehicles show up at dealerships on open trailers.
  • Enclosed Trailers – Enclosed trailers are usually for high-end cars, classics & personal sentimental value cars.  Shipping enclosed will keep your vehicle from the outside elements.   You Will have a fully closed trailer specifically made for hauling cars.   On average, this cost about 150% of what open trailer shipping costs.   Ultimately the safest way to ship your car, but also the most expensive.
  • Running & Non-Running (In-ops) Vehicles –  Whether your vehicle runs & drives beautifully or does not run at all, we can handle either request.  Please make sure your Service Rep is aware if a vehicle is In-op, so we can schedule a truck with the correct equipment.  If vehicle does not run, it must be able to roll, brake & steer.

Why Do I Need to Ship My Car?

Online Purchase:  Since the internet was invented, buying a car just became easier.  Now consumers can purchase cars in different areas of the country.   This helped boom the market now called the Auto Transport Industry.

Relocating:  Whether you’re a college kid going back to school, moving for a job, or even a “snowbird.”   Many people today find it more convenient to ship their car than drive it to the destination.

Dealers:  We can handle all of your shipments to & from out-of-town customers.   We are very familiar with the auction networks & have all of the facilities in our database.   Allow us to transport your vehicles with fantastic customer service.

“A Good Business Reputation Does Not Spring Up Overnight, But Grows Slowly and Soundly Because it is Rooted in the Solid Ground of Customer Satisfaction”