Vehicle Transport for College Students

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Vehicle Transport for College Students

College is an exciting time for students no matter where you might be or who your parents are. It signals the beginning of a new life with fresh responsibilities and more freedom than they had ever had before. However, when you are moving out of state to pursue that degree you have always wanted from that one school you wanted more than anything to get into, the move there can seem like a daunting task.

This is especially the case when you suddenly find yourself strapped for cash and unable to make the trip to your new home for four years on your own. Gas is high and the farther you go, the more expensive it gets. This is why you should entrust transport of your vehicle to a car shipping company such as us to expedite the process and make it much cheaper for you in the short and long-term.

Get the Right Help

Now, under normal circumstances, paying for vehicle transport can be very pricy. The factors all depend on a number of things such as distance, weather conditions, and the type of car that is to be transported. However, we recognize this, the government recognizes this, and universities all over the country recognize this. So when you are relying on somebody else to bring your car to your dorm room, there are a number of different options available to you to give you help.

Government-Backed Student Loans

The most basic form of assistance literally comes in the name: government assistance. For thousands of students all over the country, government-issued student loans are the sole reason why they are able to go to school in the first place. While financial aid is dependent on many different things such as how expensive your school is, your family’s financial situation, and how far you are travelling to attend there, that money is literally yours to do with what you will. That is why it’s called a loan.

The money you receive from financial aid can easily be administered towards vehicle transport. What’s more, you can write off what you spent on your taxes as a school-related expense so you can get that money back when tax season rolls around. It really is a win-win situation (up until after you graduate and adult life starts to take over).

University Scholarships

But you can’t just rely on financial aid, especially when you come from a well-off family. Pell grants only come once in a blue moon, after all, as they require very specific conditions. However, there is another source you can turn to as you look at hiring a car shipping company.

Of course, we are talking about the university. When it comes to students who are travelling very far to go there—sometimes even crossing international borders to do it—they are usually one of two kinds: students who saved up everything they ever made to make the move themselves without any kind of help; and those who got there on a scholarship.

Now, if you are in the former group… well, you probably saw this coming and prepared for it. But if you are in the latter group, things change dramatically for you. The college that is giving you that scholarship clearly is trying to convince you to drop your roots and go to them. They are desperate to have you attend and will do anything to get you there.

You can use that to your advantage. If you don’t want to use that scholarship money on vehicle transport, you should certainly be able to arrange something with your new hosts. A simple call to the scholarship and financial aid office should serve you just fine in making those arrangements.

Just Talk to Us

There is one other type of aid that can come to prospective college students. Unlike the other two sources, it comes straight from the business you are looking at. In our case specifically, we do not charge a deposit on vehicle transport, making things much cheaper for you. However, any car shipping company will also be willing to talk with you directly about things like payment plans and even reduced rates depending on your situation. We know that college life is as difficult as it is liberating and we want to help your college-bound boy or girl making the transition that much easier.

So if you are interesting in talking to us about vehicle transport from sea to shining sea, be sure to contact us and ask about our rates. Also feel free to look at the Price Quote Generator to get an idea of what you might be looking at financially before you even pick up the phone. Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

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