Vehicle Transporters: City Profile, Houston, TX

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vehicle transporters, Houston,TX
Vehicle Transporters: City Profile, Houston, TX


In light of last week’s article talking about Boston and all the wonderful things it has in store for the new resident, we felt it would behoove us, as a vehicle transporters’ business, to talk about all the other cities we ship to. As we mentioned in that inaugural post, each city has its own unique character that distinguish it from other cities.

Nowhere can this be truer than Houston. The second fastest growing metropolitan area and the fourth largest city in the country, thousands of people move here annually. With real estate being as cheap as it is in Texas and with so many jobs to be found here, vehicle transporters routes always wind up going to Houston. But there are several reasons why drivers dread making the pilgrimage, as well. So let’s go over some things you should know about this Texas boomtown before making the move.

Hope You Like Weather

One of the most important details you should be aware of about Houston regards the weather. The experience can be summed up in three words: It is hot! No matter what season you find yourself in, Houston never seems to get cold. Coupled with the humidity that overtakes the area during the summers and you have some absolutely miserable weather.

The reason for this is because of Houston’s geographical location. Drivers in the vehicle transport business can tell you that there are vast differences between the geography of Houston and the other major cities in central and north Texas. Houston is much like Los Angeles in that it is located in a natural depression where heat and pollution is more easily trapped. But rather than the depression being made up of desert, the Houston depression is swampy, contributing to the horrendous humidity.

Know Your Roads Before You Go

The other thing Houston is notorious for is the road system. This is something that impacts vehicle transporters especially for exceedingly obvious reasons. If you rely on a map, good luck trying to navigate it. If you have a GPS, that will not serve you terribly well either since the city, according to its own newspaper, has a problem with constantly changing street names. So be prepared for an expedition of sorts when you are heading into the city for the first time and make it a point to quickly memorize your routes to necessary places like the grocery store and your place of work.

On the Other Hand: Perfect for a Business

Houston is not entirely bad, however. When you get past the traffic and the weather, Houston actually has a lot to offer both to a vehicle transport service and to you as the consumer. The most noticeable difference is the lack of a business tax. This automatically makes goods and services of all different kinds cheaper, making it easier for you to hire us for assistance while also helping us stay in business.

Do You Like Art?

Another redeeming factor of the city is its thriving arts district. The city of Houston is home to numerous colleges, both major and smaller. This concentration of artistry makes Houston, especially the downtown area, a creative hub where artists and poets of all genres display their work. Many small publishers are to be found in and around Houston as well. So if you have a knack for smaller markets and independent artistry, this city is an underappreciated gem.

Vehicle shipping in Houston is difficult, however the rewards once settled are great. With a wealth of opportunity both on the corporate and small level, it is easy to see why so many folks brave the heat and humidity to come here. Be sure to contact us to find out how we can help you make this big move to the big city.

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