What Red Flags You Should Look for With an Auto Transporter

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What Red Flags You Should Look for With an Auto Transporter

For the past few months, I’ve been desperately searching for new transportation after a shady car dealership sold me a lemon. I was sick of the sudden breakdowns and frequently having to take the vehicle I have to a mechanic. Plus, fixing all of the things that were wrong with it was gradually depleting my savings account. I figured it would just be easier and less expensive to purchase a better vehicle than to stick with the one that was giving me so much trouble.

Fortunately, after some digging, my dream finally came true. I’ve found a really nice ride online for the right price and can’t wait to get behind the wheel for the first time. Since the seller lives out of town and my work schedule fluctuates, I decided to look for an auto transporter who can ship my car to me.

As with anything, it’s best to do the necessary research, especially when you’re a newcomer at it like me. There’s certain pitfalls that I don’t want to miss in the excitement of trying to get my new purchase in my driveway. Here’s some of the red flags that I’ll be on the lookout for as I compare car shipping companies.

Cheap Quotes

I’ve gone through a lot with my existing car and its costly dysfunction. That said, it’s easy to get caught up in the delight of getting dirt cheap quotes. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are that there’s more to the story. When shopping for prices with auto transport brokers, it’s a good idea to look the other way when offered something that’s way off the map. I had to ask myself why a company would offer a service like this for so little, especially when most of them are in the business to make money. The answer could be that they want clients to pay an initial deposit which shouldn’t be the case. Or, auto transport brokers don’t reveal the hidden fees that are connect with the purchase until after the contract is signed. Either way, it’s best to veer in another direction.

Bad Customer Service

Most companies are only as good as the people they hire to offer customer service. When I consult with someone about the questions I have about car shipping, I’m not looking to get an impolite response or treated in a condescending way. Grumpy agents are complete turn-offs.

Vague Information

Giving the runaround on important details is another call for dismissal. Car shipping isn’t a fly-by-night decision, and most people who are new to the process naturally have some reserves about putting their precious cargo in the hands of strangers. Clear and honest communication is what will put my mind at ease and confirm that I’m doing the right thing.

Green Carriers

One of the main things I’ve been looking for in a dynamic auto transporter is experience. Those who have sketchy backgrounds or haven’t operated a company in the industry for long are questionable because it doesn’t make me feel confident in their ability to safely and effectively transport my car from point A to point B.

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