Why Ship with Aaall States?

Need to ship your car or truck?

  • No Deposit Required – We don’t charge anything on your card until your vehicle is loaded on a transport. This makes us on the same page with you in wanting the vehicle loaded ASAP once ready.
  • No Lies We try to educate consumers on the process of shipping vehicles. We understand that most people have never done this before & are overwhelmed of the process. We are here to answer any questions you may have throughout your whole car transport experience. For answers to general questions about car shipping, check out our FAQ for Car Shipping.
  • Not Hiding – Are other companies not showing you where they are located? If so, it is for a reason. Legit business should disclose their physical location & not just a P.O. Box or Suite #. We have no problem telling customers we are located 102 E. 2nd St.  Schaller, IA 51053.  We are proud of our “Small-Town” Customer Service Values. Where service still matters.
  • Dispatch Notifications – Our dispatchers will notify you once we have located a car transporter for your move.   They will notify you by phone and send you a courtesy e-mail letting you know your auto has been assigned to a Car Transporter.   Our dispatchers & customer service persons are some of the best in the Auto Shipping industry.
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Nationwide Automotive Transport Service

Service may be limited by area and an accurate quote is required for official estimates.