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What to expect from here

Our goal is to schedule this vehicle pick-up in a timely fashion.

Locating and scheduling a truck can take 1-10 days on average, from the first available pick-up date you gave us of.       (Well-traveled routes 1-5 days)

Carriers do not book our cars until they are ready to load.  Truckers we book work as they go, so they usually do not book orders with us more than 1-2 days in advance. So we will not have any activity until your car is ready and available to load.

The car’s condition and location factor into loading times.   Most cars get scheduled fast, but some may take more days to schedule, depending on these factors.

Please note that the carriers set the schedules for loading, NOT YOU or ME.   Please be ready and make yourself available for shipping when we call with a carrier schedule, as we never know when the next carrier is running your route.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please contact your sales representative.

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  • Carrier cancelling your move
  • Carrier being fined
  • Carrier charging you more money above our contracted price
  • Hassle across the board