What are Enclosed Trailers Ideal For?

Both Open Trailers and Enclosed Trailers have their perks and draw backs. We’ve made it easy to understand.


  • Protects against mother nature
  • Ideal for classics, rare, convertibles, and sporty cars
  • Ideal for cars valued over $75,000+
  • Personal preference and peace of mind

Less Risk, Less Crowded

Trailers haul far less vehicles so less can go wrong.

Rare Cars & Classics

Provides weather protection against mother nature and elements.

Added Privacy

Enclosed trailers allow for added privacy and protection overall.

Longer Wait for Availability

The ability to haul less, means less availability of enclosed trailers.

Enclosed Trailer Transport Explained

Enclosed trailers are the safest way to ship your vehicle.   Rather than having your vehicle exposed to the outside elements, it is secured in an enclosed trailer with walls. Most people use enclosed trailers for expensive cars and or high sentimental cars.

Most enclosed carriers can haul anywhere from 1-7 cars.   This form of shipping can cost more than open trailers, due to the higher equipment costs and insurance coverage costs.

If you are in the classic car business and ship cars, you more than likely want to utilize enclosed trailers.   Ensuring that your high end classic and collectible cars are clean when they arrive.

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