Fulfillment Policy

Purchase Currency
All prices and charges are made with USA currency.

Services We Sell
We are broker service that lines up transport for vehicles for customers.   As result of work, we charge a broker fee.   Paid to us by credit card, debit card or Paypal.      All credit card charges are completed using Stripes encrypted platform, using the most secure encryption in the credit card industry.

Refund Policy
We do not offer refunds.  We do not charge customers until we have brokered your load to carrier and carrier has vehicle loaded.

Cancellation Policy
We do charge $100 cancellation fee if customer breaks contract before our 15 day contract window.

Return Policy
There are no returns.  We ship vehicles and are charged flat rate for shipments.   If item needs returned to origin, there is another charge for that.

Shipping / Delivery Policy
We book independent contractors to haul vehicles.    ALL pick-up and delivery times are only estimates.    Many factors cause delays in delivery in car shipping.   The independent contractor shall decide final delivery date as they get closer.    There are no refunds or discounts for delayed shipments.

Contacting Us
If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.

AutoTransport.Company | Aaall States Auto Transport, Inc

ROGERS, AR 72758


Phone: 712-823-0443