4 Questions Auto Transporters Ask Customers

Need to ship your car or truck?

4 Questions Auto Transporters Ask Customers

I’m in the process of relocating and I have to admit: it is extremely challenging. There’s forwarding the mail, getting packed, cleaning the old place, and ensuring the utilities are properly shut down. That’s not to mention paying farewell visits to family and friends.

Still, there’s more to it since I have a car that I’m reluctant to drive from coast to coast. With gas prices through the roof and my fixation with keeping the mileage at an all-time low, I’m considering car transporting services to help get my vehicle from point A to point B. I jotted down questions during the search for reputable companies, but I hadn’t thought that auto shipping professionals might have questions for me as well. It’s a mutual exchange in the initial getting-to-know-you process and part of what helps companies assess the needs of potential clients. Essentially, it’s what distinguishes leading sources from mediocre brands. Be prepared by checking out some common questions that these useful agents may ask.

What’s Your Car’s Current Condition?

The state of vehicles largely varies. The best auto shipping specialists serve customers with running cars, as well as those with non-running ones. Still, it’s important for agents to know in advance whether a vehicle is in-ops because it requires different equipment at the time of pickup. Service reps who are informed about non-running cars schedule a truck that’s able to transfer from one destination to another effectively.

What Kind of Trailer Do You Prefer?

Every customer has their preference when it comes to how they want their vehicle shipped and what they want it shipped in. Car transporting companies typically offer to carry clients’ vehicles in open or enclosed trailers. Open trailers are the most popular form of transportation because it’s an economical choice. This type of trailer enables cars to be loaded and open to natural elements. Enclosed trailers, on the other hand, are more expensive since they’re completely closed off to exterior elements. Most people with custom cars or classics choose this option to ensure that no damage is done during the haul.

What’s Your Ideal Price Range?

Representatives at auto shipping companies want to know their customers’ preferred price range. Remember cheaper isn’t always better, but most people still have a loose budget to help them stick with what they can afford. This is when it’s especially a good idea to do some digging and find out the average price of car transporting services which gives clarity and points potential customers in the right direction.

Do You Have a Specific Timeframe?

I started early and don’t have any pressing obligations in my new destination so I’m in no rush to get my car settled. Still, auto shipping representatives could inquire about timeframes to help them gauge which carrier is the right fit for their customers. It’s clearly better to be on the safe side and deliver earlier than expected than to get a vehicle to its destination later than what was needed.

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