5 Tips for Peace of Mind While Your Car’s Being Shipped

Need to ship your car or truck?

5 Tips for Peace of Mind While Your Car’s Being Shipped

When you ship your car, you know in your mind that it’s going to be safe, that your car shipping company will take the best of care. But it’s always difficult to part with a beloved possession, even if it’s just for a few days. Here are a few tips on things you can do before shipping to help with your peace of mind when your car is in transit.

•Tell Us About Any Mechanical Issues

Let us know ahead of time if your vehicle has major mechanical issues before we load it for transport. If you’re having brake problems, we’d like to know so we can take extra safety precautions. If you have a gasoline leak, your car is in danger of catching on fire, and not just during transit. Of course, an even better solution for your peace of mind is to take care of any mechanical problems before shipping.

•Keep Your Rare Car Protected

If you’re transporting a rare or classic car, consider upgrading to an enclosed auto transport truck that can protect your vehicle from being exposed to open air and weather during transit. Sports cars and racing cars may also benefit from this extra level of protection, and give you a little extra peace of mind.

•Clear Out Your Car

One of the most annoying things that can nag at you while your car is being transported is the idea that you left something in it. Did you leave that extra set of house keys in the center console? What about your child’s favorite travel toy — Did you remember to pull it out of the seat pockets? Did you pick up mail and slip it under the seat, and now you’re not sure where it is? Do your peace of mind a favor, and clear out your car completely before your car shipping company loads it onto the trailer. Don’t forget to check the trunk and glove compartment.

•Mark Any Damage First

Reliable car transport companies go out of their way to protect their clients’ vehicles from any damage of any kind. However, on rare occasions, accidents can occur. Don’t worry — Any damage to your car is fully insured, and you don’t have to pay a penny for any repairs. But put your mind at rest by noting any existing damage before your car goes onto the car carrier. That way, it’ll be easy to note any new damage when your vehicle is delivered, and any insurance claim can be handled quickly and smoothly.

•Don’t Worry About Insurance

And speaking of insurance — Federal law requires all car transport companies to carry adequate insurance to cover their cargo.  The insurance policy covers your vehicle completely through the entire process of loading and unloading as well as during transit, so don’t feel that you have to take out any extra insurance. You’re fully covered already! Now doesn’t that add to your peace fo mind?

We’re available to answer any questions and concerns you have about shipping your car, so you can feel completely confident that we will protect your vehicle in every way and meet all your expectations. Give us a call today learn how easy it can be to ship your car.

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