7 Excellent Questions to Ask When Choosing a Car Transport Company

Need to ship your car or truck?

7 Excellent Questions to Ask When Choosing a Car Transport Company

If you’re getting ready to ship your car, you probably have a great deal of stressful decisions to make — Not about the car, necessarily, but because shipping a car is often part of a significant cross-country move. Hiring the right company to handle your car transport can definitely reduce your stress levels.

But how do you know which company to hire? After all, you don’t want to hand your car over to just anyone — and this is especially true if you’re shipping an antique or exotic car of some kind. The best way to find the right car transport company is to ask the right questions. With this research, you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice. Try asking some of these questions as you choose your car shipping company.

1. Are You a Carrier or a Broker?

Carriers are the companies that actually move your car. Brokers help you find the right car shipping company or carrier for a slight fee — but they can often find you a great deal.

2. How Do You Handle Things If Something Goes Wrong?

Don’t feel uncomfortable or awkward about asking this question. Your car shipping company should have a process in place for handling any and every issue, and a good company will be happy to give you all the answers you need.

3. Can I Get a Quote in Writing?

A great car transport company is happy to explain all its policies and to provide you with a written price quote that encompasses all the charges involved in the shipping of your car. We’ll also give you a written contract and explain any and all of the terms.

4. Is Your Company Licensed?

The U.S. Department of Transportation licenses all car transport companies, and you can call the DOT directly to verify that the company you’re considering is licensed. The DOT can also provide you with safety reports for each company.

5. How Do You Calculate Your Rates?

Any reputable car shipping company is happy not only to give you its rates, but also to explain how the rates were determined. All sorts of factors go into setting rates, including the type of vehicle you’re having shipped, the specific options you choose, and the distance between the pickup and delivery locations.

6. Do You Deliver Door-to-Door?

Once you hear the price quote for door-to-door delivery of your vehicle, you may decide that picking it up at a terminal is worth the small amount of extra effort. But if you really need that door-to-door delivery, your car transport company should be able to give you all the information and service you need.

7. How Is My Vehicle Insured?

Your car transport company should insure your car while it’s on the car carrier, but you want to make sure you have all the insurance you need. Don’t take a risk by shipping your vehicle under-insured. You definitely want to make sure you’re protected against the unusual circumstances of your car being damaged.

Ask the right questions when you’re looking for a car transport company to make sure you feel confident with your choice. We’re always willing to answer questions, so give us a call, and put us to the test.

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