7 Tips for Choosing the Best Company that Protects YOU!

Need to ship your car or truck?

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Company that Protects YOU!


TIP #1. FIRST AND THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION THAT YOU WILL MAKE WHEN CHOOSING THE BEST AUTO SHIPPERS: pick the ONE broker that has the BEST policies THAT PROTECT YOU! Pick the one you want to work with and FORGET the price quote for a moment, as the quoted price CAN BE ADJUSTED BY ANY broker to fit your personal situation.

TIP #2. Just like in any industry, auto (transport) companies can go out of business at any time, ONLY pay a deposit AFTER the vehicle has been picked up. You don’t want to lose your deposit money or spend a lot of time and effort to trying to recover your money from a company who may go out of business before your car is picked up.

TIP #3. When you place your order, do NOT double book with 2 brokers and do NOT even give a broker permission to just look for a truck for you WITHOUT a contract.

TIP #4. Verbal guarantees are TOTALLY WORTHLESS.

TIP #5. Written guarantees in a contract need to put money back in your pocket if that guarantee is not provided to you. That guarantee is worthless if there is no penalty to the broker who gave you the guarantee in the first place.

TIP #6. Low price = Slow or No Service / Higher price = Faster Pickup.

TIP #7. DON’T pay 100% of the transport cost when placing the order.

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