Car Shipping Checklist

Need to ship your car or truck?

Car Shipping Checklist

There are many things that need to be done in order for you to ship your vehicle.

Âûáîð From start to finish, we have you covered, just follow this simple car shipping checklist.

  1. Start with getting your FREE QUOTE today.
  2. Our sales rep will contact you with quote and how to proceed with booking your shipment.
  3. We will contact you once we have scheduled a truck for your shipment and give you their estimated pick up and delivery dates.
  4. Driver will come load your vehicle and transfer it to the destination.


Auto Shipping Pre-Loading Tips

  1. Have vehicle empty of personal items.
  2. Have tank 1/4 or below of fuel.
  3. Wash car so driver can properly inspect at loading.
  4. Take pictures of driver loading vehicle.
  5. Request copy of inspection at loading from driver.

Auto Shipping Delivery Tips

  1. Always receive vehicle during daylight hours
  2. Visually inspect your vehicle and cross reference with your loading inspection report.
  3. Don’t pay driver until inspection is complete.
  4. Take pictures of any fresh / new damage… if it occurs have driver sign off on the inspection report showing damage.



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