Car Shipping Insurance: How It Works

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Car Shipping Insurance: How It Works

When it comes to cars, you know as well as we do that insurance is an extremely complicated matter. It takes all sorts of different factors into account that affect how much you pay to keep your car protected from harm. In a way, the same could be said when it comes to car shipping. But while things may be simplified on your end, that is not so much the case from us. So we’re going to talk a little bit about how insurance on your car works when you’re in the process of moving one or several vehicles to your new home.

Insurance, in and of itself, is self-explanatory. It ensures that whatever damage may have accrued on your car that isn’t your fault is paid for so you can fix it. But when you entrust your vehicle to somebody else for transporting it cross-country, it’s understandable that you want to make sure the driver is responsible as well as covered. It would be extremely unfair to you to get your car back only to find a massive dent in the bumper or a long key scratch in the door.

A National Requirement

This is why all car shipping companies in the country are expected to provide insurance to their clients. It is actually a federal law that everybody carries at least $750,000 of public liability insurance on their trucks, trailers, and every vehicle they are hauling. However, this federal limit is only the minimum requirement and companies have often purchased (or, at the very least, offered) higher amounts of insurance to give customers even greater protection. Some businesses even offer more than a million dollars in liability insurance in case of a catastrophe.  Also, car shipping companies must also carry cargo insurance.  Most carriers have anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 worth of cargo coverage.

What Does It Cover?

The details of the insurance settlement can be carried out by your local agent as well as our people to provide the right amount of insurance you think you need. How much you require is dependent on three things: the length of the trip, the model and year of the vehicle itself, and expected weather conditions along the planned route. All of these can affect positively or negatively how much insurance you should carry should you decide you need more than just the minimum.

The traditional cargo protection insures your vehicle against many common types of damages, primarily minor dents and scratches, windshield damage that are direct result of driver error.

Don’t Be Shy. Talk to Us!

The biggest thing you need to be aware of is that communication is the key. You have to be able to tell us what you are expecting of us and we will repay in kind with our expectations for you. It is also necessary that you take detailed photos of your vehicle before you turn it over to the driver for reference in the event of something happening. Though we do our best to make sure that each of our drivers are trustworthy, there are still cases of poor conduct on the road.

Come Properly Armed

By poor conduct, we simply refer to the behavior of the driver while in transit. There have been cases where a driver will try to cover up damage by claiming that the injury was already there. Without pictures, it will be very difficult to make your case for a fair settlement. With them on hand, however, you will have plenty of evidence to show that the one you trusted your property with did not treat it accordingly. That is a resource you have to have available to you.

With those pictures in your arsenal, you will have nothing to worry about. Also, have copies of inspections done at pick-up and delivery.  If in the event that something does happen to your vehicle as a result of car shipping, you will be plenty protected. Insurance is certainly a boon in these times and this is especially the case when you are making the big move.

Thank you for reading. Be sure to contact us if you ever have any questions about car shipping and our nationwide routes.

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