Protecting Your Car Transport from Theft

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Protecting Your Car Transport from Theft

When you own a car trailer, or even just renting one out, you might be thinking to yourself what could possibly be done to ensure that it doesn’t get stolen. Whether it’s open-bed or closed, thieves are most certainly eyeballing it as well as your vehicle for some big price tags on the black market. So here are some tips to help you prevent theft on those long cross-country trips.

Passive Protections

Insurance.The most basic thing you can do—and it should come as no surprise to anybody—is get the trailer insured. Almost all the major insurance companies carry plans that cover your trailer as well as its contents for very affordable deductibles. Trust us on this: You can’t be too careful when it comes to your tow rig and that valuable cargo you are hauling. So be sure to ask your agent about trailer insurance. It may not be armor, but it will protect you financially.

Documentation.After you get it covered, now you need to document it. Documentation is very much a necessity when you are travelling cross-country or even across borders as it will help get you through customs much faster.

Once again, documenting the trailer is not so much armor as it is insurance. But rather than insuring you monetarily, keeping a photographic record will insure the speed at which it’s returned to you. With some pictures, police will be able to more easily identify your stolen property and get it back to you before you even miss it.

Some Real Protection

At this point, you might be wondering: All this stuff is simple and common sense. But what can I do physically to keep the car transport safe? There are a variety of methods you can do to provide some real armor against thieves and vandals.

Technical Devices.The most commonly turned to method is attaching certain kinds of devices to the trailer as well as the trailer hitch. There are many different kinds out there, so you do need to shop around. But they are all put inside six different categories of gadgets.

  • Trailer Alarm.The most common type of trailer protection would be your standard alarm. These devices work in much the same way as your standard car alarms, rigged to go off in the event that somebody tries to break down the door while it’s active. Some of them utilize sensor systems such as you find on higher-up brands of cars, so they’ll automatically go off if somebody even touches the trailer.
  • Tracking Device. If you don’t have documentation of your trailer or the car, a tracking system is exactly what you need. It does as the name implies, much like a microchip on a cat or dog. The tracking device can be put inside of the trailer or on the mount just so long as it’s secure. It will continuously emit a GPS signal to the nearest satellite, which you will be able to track from a standard PC.

Heavy Duty Devices.But maybe you want a device that isn’t so hi-tech or proactive. Maybe you want that extra protection. If this is the case, there are many different older and tougher pieces that have been used for years to prevent theft. While a good thief will know how to get rid of them, they will prevent a large number of thefts and also give you more time to discover the culprits red-handed.

  • Wheel Locks. Of these older devices, the wheel lock is probably the most reliable. When you attach this device to the outside of the wheel, it acts much like a boot that you find on towed vehicles. This makes the car transport impossible to be carted off while it remains on. While they are fairly easy to remove with the right supplies, these devices are enormously effective in warding off car bandits.
  • Hitch Lock. Another way you can protect your trailer is by installing a hitch lock. These simple devices do not protect the trailer directly, but rather the hitch on which they are towed. Many thieves prefer going for the whole thing rather than just what’s on the side, so the hitch will be the first thing they go after. But with a hitch lock, they will not be able to unlatch the trailer without a key that you keep on your person, practically eliminating the prospect of taking the entire thing.

Be Smart

The last method to preventing trailer theft is simply parking smart. You don’t have to be a genius to know that thieves prefer working in shadows without an audience. So whenever you need to stop for a meal or something, be sure you park your car transport somewhere that is visible and bright. Put it in line with a security camera if there is one. Also be sure that there is a lot of traffic as thieves are less liable to go after something that is so close to so many people. In short: Just use common sense and always be close.

So that’s how you can protect your trailer from theft. Be sure to leave a comment to find out more.

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