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Safe Classic Car Shipping Made Easy

Have You Found Your Dream Classic Car?

Spring is finally here, and you have been surfing the Internet for months looking for your dream car. There it is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 for sale online at Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona. It really is just what you always wanted. Atuxedo black framewith a white stripe down the middle, this muscle car is so magnificent you are ready to run to Arizona and pick it up yourself. The only problem is you have a full-time job and are located on the East Coast. But you have to have it!Now you need to decide if you trust a car shipper to transport your precious stallion across the U.S.?

Ship Your Car Safely With AutoTransport.Company

At Aaall States Auto Transport Company Inc., we are classic car shipping experts. We have handled hundreds of classic cars and moved them to their destinations without a scratch. As a matter of fact, we shipped several Barrett-Jackson classic cars last February. Once you find your dream car, there is no reason for you not to have it. Distance is no longer an issue. Aaall States makes shipping classic cars easy. Whether you purchased your car online, at a car show or auction, we can handle the auto transport for you. Maybe your car is at a restoration shop, or you are relocating, it does not matter, we are here to transport your vehicle safely.

Some Excellent Places Online to Find Classic Cars

Before you search for the best auto transport company, you need to find your dream car. There are several good places to look for classic cars online. Here are three to help you get started. There are also hundreds of classic car shows and auctions around the country this time of year. So check these sites for information on events taking place near you.

Auto Trader Classics

Auto Trader Classics has thousands of classic cars listed in its directory. If you are lookingfor a quick and easy search, it is an excellent place to check out.Also, if you are scanning for auctions and car shows in your area, Auto Trader Classics has an event calendar. The website is divided into categories such as American Classics, Exotics, and Classic Trucks. If you know what you are looking for, you can also narrow your search by typing in the make and model of your car. If you are still concerned about the distance, you can type in your zip code and the range of your house you wish the car to be located. But there is really no reason for this. Aaall States Auto Transport Company has you covered no matter where you car is located.

ClassicCars.Com is another excellent resource to help you find your dream car. The categories are divided a bit differently such as trucks, hot rods, and pre-war antiques. The catalog still has a big selection. If you are looking to sell your car, offers a one-time fee, which can be convenient,and your vehicle remains posted as long as you desire. The service fee comes with an unlimited description and up to 100 photos. You can also view not only private sales, but dealer sales on Once you sell your car keep in mind car shippers are ready to help you with the transport.


One last recommendation is Hemmings the “The World’s Largest Collector Car Marketplace.” The website is very user-friendly. The site doesn’t just offer cars for sale, but parts as well. Hemmings is also a great company if you are looking to stay on top of motor industry news. They offer several award-winning publications. There are plenty of resources out there for you to find classic car of your dreams. Just make sure you do not limit your selection by location because car shipping companies are eagerly waiting to make your dreams come true.

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