Snowbirds – Reserve Your Auto Transport South Today.

Need to ship your car or truck?

Snowbirds – Reserve Your Auto Transport South Today.

If you head south every winter to enjoy the warm weather of Florida and other states, you’re probably thinking about your auto transport already. And it’s not too early.

After all, each car transport trailer carries eight to 11 cars at once, and they fill up fast. Car shipping companies are already starting to plan the routes for their shipments. As those spots fill up, the price goes up, following the law of supply and demand.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you book now, you might save on your car shipping costs. It also means you can feel confident that you’ll have your car in Florida when you need it.

What Happens When Snowbirds Wait Till the Last Minute?

If you wait till the last minute, you may have difficulty finding an available car shipping spot. In that case, you’re likely to have to compromise on getting your car down to Florida. Maybe you’ll have to leave with your car still waiting for its pick-up at home, turning over the keys to a friend or neighbor. You might end up waiting housebound once you’ve reached your destination, waiting for your car’s arrival for days or even weeks.

When you book in plenty of time, you avoid all this uncertainty and inconvenience. You also have a better chance of snagging a good rate from your car shipping company.

Shouldn’t I Go With the Lowest Quote?

That depends on your priorities. If you can make do without your car for several weeks once you’ve arrived in Florida, then maybe it’s okay to go with the lowest quote you’re given. But this is a case where you truly get what you pay for.

Car transport isn’t handled on a first-come-first-served basis. It’s probably not surprising that car shipments paying higher rates are typically shipped first, as part of a complex process that also involves the location of cars waiting for transport. If you’ve chosen the lowest quote, your car is likely to wait until the people paying higher prices have been served.

Here’s a method to use when you’re trying to sort out all those quotes. Put the quotes in order of amount — and then toss out the bottom half of the quotes you’ve received. That way you can assure yourself that you’re choosing a reputable car transport company that’s dealing with you fairly and honestly. And never, never do business with a company that asks you for money up-front.

Can I Have My Car Arrive Precisely When I Do?

You can try, but because car shipping schedules are tricky and constantly changing. The best way to plan is to figure out on which side of the journey you have someone to handle your keys if you’re not there. Do you have family or friends who can take custody of your keys while you get on the plane? Or is there someone in Florida who can sign for your car and take the keys if you’re not there before your car arrives? Those arrangements can give you great peace of mind when you’re traveling.

If you’re a snowbird, or you need to ship your car because of a pending move or for any other reason, we’re happy to help you make all your shipping arrangements. Give us a call to find out what we can do to get your car to you for the winter.

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