The Benefits of Enclosed Auto Shipping

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The Benefits of Enclosed Auto Shipping

Relocating can be a scary experience. Getting your precious classic car from point A to point B is a daunting task. You have spent hours waxing and fine tuning your vintage auto to get it into the shape it is today. Putting your car on a trailer in someone else’s hands only adds to the pressure of relocating. If you are someone who wants to ensure the safety of your car transport, enclosed auto shipping might be your best bet. Hundreds of vehicles are shipped every year in enclosed trailers, and it is becoming more and more common in the U.S. Travelers are finding the benefit of car shippers that have the option of enclosed trailers. With some types of cars, it is recommended to use the extra safety provided with an enclosed trailer. In the end, if you want what is best for your car, but it is an option that must be entertained.

Safest Method for Car Shipping

Throughout the U.S. highways, enclosed trailers are delivering goods. Are you ready for the safest method of car shipping around? Enclosed auto shipping is a safe and secure way to transport your vehicle. With an enclosed trailer, you do not have to worry about your vehicle being exposed to the elements. Most enclosed trailers can haul anywhere from one to seven cars at a time. Enclosed trailers do cost more than open trailers because they need additional equipment to secure the vehicle. Also, insurance costs are higher for enclosed trailers. If you car is exotic, rare, classic, convertible, or costs above $75,000, it is a good idea to go with an enclosed trailer. But many people just prefer enclosed trailers because it allows them to ship their vehicles with no worry. It is up to you, but if you would like an experienced opinion give Aaall States Auto Transport a call and we will find you the best option available. Give us a call at at 712-823-0443. We are here to get the job done.

Keep Your Vehicle Scratch Free During Auto Transport

Shipping your vehicle in an enclosed trailer helps keep your vehicle scratch free during transport. Aaall States Auto Transport we can provide you with the perfect size trailer to fit your needs. No matter the time of year, we can find you a hauler for the best price. There is no longer a reason to go through the stress of planning your car shipping on your own. Let Aaall States superb customer service team find an enclosed trailer for your car and set your mind at ease. If you do not want your car to be stacked, almost all enclosed trailer haulers provide this option. Some motorcycle owners find enclosed transport a better method to finding the best trailer to match their bike. Using a broker like only uses licensed car transport companies to move a vehicle is another great way to keep your vehicle safe. At Aaall States Auto Transport, we only use licensed car transport companies that work in accordance with all of our insurance policies. Our vintage car customers come back to us year after year because they trust us to get the job done.

Experienced Classic Car Transporters

With spring here, classic car shows and auctions are popping up all over the country. It may be the perfect time to buy your next dream car or sell one from your showroom. At Aaall States Auto Transport, we have been shipping classic cars for years. We are ready to help get your classic cars to their destinations. Whether it is from a showroom, auction, car show or your home, we will get your car where it needs to go. If you purchase your car online, an enclosed trailer could be the perfect way to guarantee your car gets to you looking exactly as you expect. Open trailers are not unsafe, but enclosed trailers add a sense of comfort and protection during when transporting your vehicle.

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