10 Things Reliable Auto Transport Companies Must Do

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10 Things Reliable Auto Transport Companies Must Do

I noticed there are a lot of car transport companies out there guaranteeing that they offer the best customer service around. I thought it would be useful to help customers know exactly what to look for in an auto transport service provider. I came up with a list of ten features that customers should look for when searching for a reliable auto transport company.

  1. Be clear about delivery times

There is nothing worse than expecting your car to be delivered on a certain date, and it does not arrive. An auto transport company needs to be clear from the get-go with their customers about the delivery date of their customer’s car.

  1. Be clear about how far in advance delivery needs to be scheduled

Somewhere on a vehicle shipper’s website there needs to be clear information about how far in advance a delivery needs to be scheduled. Don’t waste the customer’s time using your site, if they are already past the minimum delivery date.

  1. Be clear about how long it will take your vehicle to reach its destination

A customer needs to be suspicious if a company is guaranteeing their car will be delivered in a certain amount of time before the customer even tells the company the distance the vehicle is from the intended destination. Don’t be lured into sites that guarantee all vehicles will be shipped within a certain time. This is simply not possible. Some vehicles will need to travel longer distances thus the shipment times will vary.

  1. Have a clear policy on delayed deliveries

An excellent auto transport company will have clear policies on delayed deliveries. Whether or not the customer will get money back when there is a delay depends on the individual company, but one thing is certain the client should be fully aware of the policy before the vehicle is shipped. There should be no surprises, and a company should be upfront about their delayed delivery policies.

  1. Have clear pricing

This is one of the most important aspects for a customer when choosing who will ship their vehicle. Of course, the least expensive is not always the best bet. Customers must examine the pricing plans of each company to determine which company covers what. Customers also must learn how the price is determined. Is the price based on mileage and distance or regional? Some companies attempt to trick customers into thinking they are getting a great base price only to be surprised by additional add-ons because of extra mileage.

  1. Are there extra or hidden costs?

Another aspect of the pricing plan that the customer must examine carefully is whether or not there are extra or hidden costs. The customer must know if there are differentiating costs depending on the type of vehicle.

  1. Is there insurance coverage on your vehicle?

An excellent car moving service will be upfront about their insurance coverage plans. If the customer needs to take out extra insurance from their regular insurance provider, then they should know right away. The auto transport company should make it clear to the client about how much auto shipping coverage the company has on the vehicles they ship.

  1. Does the company offer rushed delivery services?

Many people who use vehicle transport companies do so at the last minute. You finally found that dream car, but you are about to relocate to another state. Well, customers need to know if rushed delivery is possible and if so how much will it cost. Automotive shipping companies should not make promises they know they can’t keep.

  1. The company should be open about its customer service history

Have you ever been on a car shipping website and it seemed too good to be true? Well, maybe it is. Auto transporters need to prove their customer service history to their clients either through testimonials or by reporting to organizations that track customer service reports. An excellent auto shipping company will highlight their positive customer testimonials and also be open to fixing their deficiencies when they arise. A good place to look for customers looking for company reviews is the Consumer Reports website or consumeraffairs.com.

  1. The company should be specific about which type of delivery services they offer

Auto shipping companies servenot only individual vehicle owners, but also businesses like taxi services, who often use car shippers to transport their fleets. Companies need to be clear about the types of delivery services they offer. If you need open trailers, classic car shipping, or dealer auto shipping, the customer should know whether or not the car shipping company can provide them with the service.


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