5 Things to Consider When Using Car Shippers

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5 Things to Consider When Using Car Shippers

I recently received some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. A company that I’ve wanted to work with for the longest time finally offered me a position that I couldn’t turn down. Although it’s still hard to believe, I’ve been given my dream job and I’m super excited to start. The only drawback is that this transition will cause me to relocate to the other side of the country. While I don’t mind exploring new territory and meeting fresh faces, I don’t feel comfortable driving my vehicle cross country. It’s a used car in fairly decent shape, but I’m not sure I can handle any unforeseen circumstances that could get in the way of my journey to the new destination.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine offered me some helpful advice. He suggested hiring a car shipper to transfer my vehicle from my old address to my new location. I’ll admit the idea didn’t sit too well with me at first. Leaving my car in the hands of strangers for a number of days wasn’t the most settling feeling. But, after doing some research, it seems like this is a very popular and safe option among car owners. I’ve decided to give it a try. However, there’s still several factors that need to be examined.

The Season

There’s definitely a difference between car shipping services in the warmer months versus the colder time of year. Transporting a vehicle in the winter can be a little more challenging because of unpredictable weather. It may take a little longer to get the car from point A to point B when carriers have to watchful of icy roads and vicious winds. Still, vehicle transporting services in the summer can be more expensive because it’s the most common time of the year for individuals to ship cars.

Company Backgrounds

Another thing to think about is the backgrounds of well-known car shippers. Are the companies legitimately owned and operated businesses? Do they have favorable reviews or customer testimonials? How long have they been in business and is their success rate noticeable? I know if all of these questions have positive answers, I can rest assured that my car is in good hands.

Insurance Details

It’s also up to me to make sure the carriers that I decide to go with are fully insured. Otherwise, I’ll be doing a great disservice to myself because I’ll be held financially responsible for any damages. This can turn into an expensive nightmare that I won’t be able to easily recover from.

The Time Frame

Scheduling also makes a huge difference. I have to ensure that the car shippers of my choice can get my vehicle to me within my preferred timeframe, give or take any circumstances that may cause delays.

Communicating the Car’s Condition

Vehicle transporting companies don’t read minds. That said, it’s best to be clear about my car’s specific quirks. I must tell them that there’s a short in the light of my left blinker, my glove compartment won’t close all the way unless it’s banged shut, and the rear windshield wiper sometimes gets stuck when in use. All of these factors will help car shippers pay special attention to areas that are more delicate than others and require gentle handling.

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