Cheap Auto Shipping Quotes Good For Me?

Need to ship your car or truck?

Cheap Auto Shipping Quotes Good For Me?

Have you asked yourself this question?

You may think yes to Cheap…. but just say “NO”

With the economic condition the way it is, most consumers are out to save money and get the “best” deal they possibly can.   However, be careful when using this approach in the auto transport industry.   We are not saying that in some cases you can’t get low rates, but as a whole, you want to stay away from the low or lowest quotes you receive.     There are many reasons you don’t want to be one of the lowest offers on your route   With the busy snow season, freight has slowed down, causing a back-log of vehicles needing shipped nationally.   Combine that with rising diesel prices and you have a natural increase in the money it takes to ship your vehicle.  If you price yourself low, there may be hundreds of other vehicles offering more on your route.  Which will significantly lower your chances of being chosen.

Most companies you will book your move with are brokers.  The brokers do not decide which vehicles get shipped or chosen. That is up to the independent trucking company running your particular route.  If he likes your offer, he accepts.  If he doesn’t like your offer, he just looks for something else.   That is why it is important that your price is “in-line” with the other vehicles offered on your route.   If you are too low, the truck drivers will not accept your move.   Be cautious of brokers that want to charge you a deposit up front, especially if they are your lowest quote.   They may take your money and never get your vehicle moved.    More on no deposit auto tranpsort

Best practices for getting your vehicle shipped efficiently.

  • Be realistic in your offer and don’t low-ball or insult trucks with really low prices.  Stay away from Cheap Auto Shipping Quotes.
  • Price yourself at least in the top half of all other offers on your route.  Your broker should be able to help you with this.
  • If in super-expedited situation….Price yourself at the top of the price board, so the next truck running that route has no choice but to accept your move.
  • Pay driver when they deliver (COD).  Most trucking companies will avoid billings.
  • If in rural remote area, route yourself out of the nearest town with interstates.


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