Proper Auto Delivery Inspections a MUST | Protect your Investment!

Need to ship your car or truck?

Proper Auto Delivery Inspections a MUST | Protect your Investment!

The number one issue in the car shipping industry is improper inspections.  Protect yourself and your investment!

There are certain steps that you can take to ensure that your damage claims, if any, can be processed properly by the carrier and their insurance company.


Try to schedule your pick up and deliveries with carriers during daylight hours!  This way you can properly visually inspect all aspects of your vehicle.   Have driver unload your vehicle off the trailer.   Do NOT pay the driver until you have had a chance to properly inspect your vehicle on the ground.   It is also a great idea to be taking pictures of your car as you walk around it with the driver.

DAMAGE CLAIMS –   If you feel a carrier damaged your vehicle, make sure all steps are properly done. (see below)  If damage is minor, try and work something out with the carrier while they are right there in front of you.   If damage is major, still try and work something out with carrier while they are there delivering.  If damage results in needing to file a claim with the carrier and their insurance company, having proper inspection reports is vital.   Without them, insurance companies won’t even open or file a claim.

Any damage claims against the trucking company, MUST be clearly noted on the drivers BOL (Bill of Lading) and/or inspection form at the time of delivery. The damage noted on the BOL must be signed off by both the customer and the delivery driver representing the trucking company. You MUST keep a copy of the inspection form at both, pick-up and delivery end, so you are able to prove any damage. Without signed inspection form, you have no proof of damage.   If driver does not want to give you the inspection form, then DO NOT pay the driver any money until he gives you the signed inspection form.   Most drivers that knowingly damaged a vehicle will try to deliver your car real fast and pretend there is no paperwork.   Don’t fall for that trick.     If damages are not noted properly at the time of delivery, “after the fact” claims against the trucking company are very hard and near impossible to get resolved.  As they don’t prove who damaged what, OR when.

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