Can I Pack Stuff in My Trunk When I Ship My Car?

Need to ship your car or truck?

Can I Pack Stuff in My Trunk When I Ship My Car?

If you’re moving a significant distance and you’ve decided to ship your car — well, first of all, congratulations on making a smart decision that will make your move so much easier.

But you may have some practical questions. For instance, if you were driving your car across multiple states, you’d undoubtedly pack the trunk full. Can you do the same thing if you’re shipping your car?

The answer is: Maybe. Start by checking with your car shipping company, since different car transport companies have varying rules about stowing goods in the car during shipment. Overall, if this is something you want to do, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Don’t Ship Anything Heavy in the Trunk

Your car shipping company pays close attention to the weight of each shipment, as it affects both the cost of fuel and the safety of the cars being shipped. In addition, car carriers have to stop at weigh stations along their routes. If they’re overweight, they may have to divest the carrier of extra weight — which could even mean leaving all that stuff in the trunk behind. And certainly any overweight citations will come with fines, which — if your junk in the trunk caused it — will be passed on to you on your final bill.

What does this mean for you? Don’t fill your trunk with your coin collection, boxes of books or files, or your hand weights. Think about using that space to ship pillows or blankets — items that require a lot of space but don’t weigh much.

2. Remember That You’re Liable For Your Own Stuff

When you ship your car, the car itself is covered by the insurance of your car transport company. However, any articles inside your car are not covered. That means it’s not a good idea to ship your computer, your jewelry, or any other items of significant value in your car. In addition, avoid shipping items of personal or sentimental value. So, yes, ship those throw pillows for your sofa, if your car shipping company says it’s okay. But don’t ship the quilt handmade by your great-grandmother.

3. Don’t Pack Breakables in Your Trunk

The lack of insurance for items packed in the trunk should be enough to keep you from packing valuables — and it also comes into play with items that are breakable. This is not the place to pack even an old TV, your dishes, electronics of any kind, or anything fragile. Your car can withstand the bumps and jostling of transport, but the items packed in the trunk may not.

And remember: Your car transport company is not liable for any damage to anything inside your vehicle, including in the trunk.

4. A Few Final No-nos in Your Trunk

We shouldn’t have to say this, but just for the record: No guns (it’s illegal). No plants or animals (they’re not likely to survive the journey).

If you’re planning a long-distance move, working with a car shipping company can ease your packing burden, get you to your destination sooner (and more alert!), and simplify your entire move. Call us today to see how we can help make your upcoming move easy and smooth.

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