Peace of Mind When Shipping Your Car

Need to ship your car or truck?

Peace of Mind When Shipping Your Car

When you’re making a long distance move, you have a lot on your mind. The last thing you need is additional worry about how to get your car (or cars) across several states or whether it’ll make the journey safely. That’s where car shipping companies come in. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to take this one area of worry off your plate and give you peace of mind.

Experience in Protecting Classic Cars

You have a special relationship with your classic or antique car, and you know it well. The thought of driving it across several states makes you shudder, since you know its delicate system might not make it, and the idea of turning it over to another driver is even more frightening.

Reputable car transport companies take the worry out of moving your classic or antique car. We take extra precautions to prevent the kinds of jolts that can cause damage to your prized vehicle, and we go out of our way to provide every bit of protection it requires. You can even request a completely closed car carrier if you prefer to protect your baby from the weather.

Protection Through Insurance

While it’s extraordinarily unusual for vehicles to be damaged during shipping, your car transport company carries full insurance to make sure you’re protected against any unforeseen occurrences. While this alone should give you peace of mind, if you’re shipping a vintage car or a particularly expensive vehicle, you can also obtain supplemental coverage from a third-party provider to make sure every possible circumstance is covered.

Record of Safe Driving

It’s not hard to find people willing to drive cars from state to state for pay — But why would you want to entrust your car to a driver you don’t know? (Not to mention putting all that extra mileage on your car, and thereby lowering its resale value.) A random driver may not have the safety record you want and is unlikely to approach the task with the professional attitude or training that your vehicle transport deserves.

In contrast, your legitimate car shipping company has a safety record and rating that you can check out. The U.S. Department of Transportation maintains records regarding the performance on the road of each car transport service, through what’s known as the Safety Measurement System. The records, which are open to the public, provide information regarding cargo and driver fitness, including data on driver fatigue. In addition, you can gain reliable reports on car carrier maintenance so you can feel peace of mind about how your own car will be transported.

We are happy to provide you with reports on our own safety record, as well as to talk to you about how we can help you make your state-to-state move flow easily. Contact us to ask all your questions, and request a quote for your own situation.

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