Car Hauling: The Rules and Loopholes of Military Auto Transport

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Car Hauling
Car Hauling: The Rules and Loopholes of Military Auto Transport

Military Moves: We have you covered.

Nobody understands the rigors of auto transport better than a car hauling company. Aside from the obvious expenses of transport, such as oil and gas as well as insurance, there are certain situations that actually do test even the most experienced drivers, making the task ahead even more arduous. While some jobs are pretty cut and dry—a family is moving from one city to another for work, as an example—there are others that tend to be a bit more complex from the consumer end. The college student moving across the country is one example because of the obvious difficulties with payment. But the situation that is probably the most complex would be the military move.

Certainly No Easy Task

We’re going to be frank here: Dealing with the government is not easy. The bureaucracy is just as much of a pain to deal with for us as it is for you; and while the armed services are easier to deal with because of the strict discipline and outright lack of red tape associated with them, arranging a plan to ship your car is still something of a hassle. Aside from the obvious issues of shipping overseas—something we don’t even try to do ourselves—there are still many limitations facing the military family moving to a new base.

The biggest of these limitations, by far, is the fact that all the branches of the Armed Forces only cover the transport of one family vehicle. To make matters worse, the place you are being sent to can enforce further limitations on what can be shipped. There are some bases that only allow for a sedan-sized vehicle to be transported, meaning that truck owners are sort of left in the dust, especially if that is their only vehicle.

What all this means is that if you have more than one vehicle—a growing trend in the United States, to be sure—the government is not going to help you ship both of them. Now, it is entirely possible that you will just sell the car you don’t need to give a buffer for things like rent and groceries. Military families do not have a lot of income. But if you absolutely require a second vehicle, you will need a car hauling company to help you out.

What Can We Do?

Now, as we mentioned in our post about auto transport for college students, there are certain ways you can bend the system and get some help. This same rule applies to military families. Some branches of the military, such as the Air Force or the Coast Guard, which direct operations primarily in the United States without having to go elsewhere, may be willing to give you extra help to ship your car. It is also a fairly simple matter to just talk to us about how we can help given your financial situation. After all, who wouldn’t want to help the men and women preserve our way of life?

What Can You Do?

But the biggest thing you can do is educate yourself with military protocols regarding family vehicles. As we said, many bases and even specific branches have strict limits on how big the vehicle can be. Most bases do not have the facilities to support large trucks or RVs, as an example, and some of the contractors they hire are not capable of hauling such large vehicles anyway. But what you really are looking for are loopholes and fortunately, there are a few you can take advantage of.

The first and most basic way you can get a second vehicle onto the base is simply asking for help from fellow military friends. The biggest thing you have at your disposal is the fact that military families are a part of a brotherhood and they look after each other. The same goes for a car hauling company located in or near a base. These places are always the most willing to lend financial assistance and are found all over the place.

Autotransport.Company falls into this category very much. With drivers operating all over the country, it is a rather simple matter to ship your car into a military base. We will help you walk through all the steps you need to take to get your car safely to your new home without encountering a lot of red tape. Be sure to contact us to get more information about military auto transport.

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