How Do I Ship My Car?

Need to ship your car or truck?

How Do I Ship My Car?

Do you need to ship your car from one city to another, but you have no idea exactly how to go about it? Don’t worry. It’s a new experience for almost everyone, but it’s not difficult. Let us walk you through the simple steps of shipping your car.

Call for a Quote

You can go online and submit requests for free quotes on auto transport company websites, or you can simplify things by calling a company like us for a quote. If you ask a lot of auto shipping companies for quotes, you can expect emails providing the information you asked for, and some companies may even phone you if you provided a phone number.

Do your research to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate company. Checking with the Better Business Bureau or looking for local online reviews will help assure you that you’ve chosen a car transport company that will serve your needs. If a car shipping company demands a deposit at this stage in the process, beware — that’s not how the process works, and you may want to look for another company.

We Pair You With the Right Driver

Finding the right driver and car carrier to get your vehicle from your starting point to your destination is a massive logistical task. With up to 20,000 vehicles to be moved each day, it’s not surprising that many auto transport companies team up to share information and make the logistics possible.

Once we pair your shipping needs with the right driver and car carrier, we verify that the driver and carrier are legitimate. We check to make sure they have the appropriate insurance to protect your vehicle during transport, and we also confirm that they’re properly registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

We Coordinate the Details With You

Once we’ve paired you with a drive, we’ll call you and give you the estimated pickup and delivery dates. Unless you’ve chosen to book an enclosed car carrier for your car alone, your vehicle will be making its journey with several others. The need to coordinate multiple pickups and deliveries is why those dates are estimated at this early stage.

Your Car is Transported

Make sure to inspect your car thoroughly when it’s loaded on to the car carrier. When you deal with a legitimate car transport company, you never have to pay the full fee at the time your car is picked up.

You shouldn’t even pay a deposit of any kind until you turn your car over to the driver. The final fee is only due once your car has been successfully delivered to you at your new location. Your car may be delivered door-to-door to your new location, or it may be dropped at a central pickup location. Either way, make sure to inspect it one more time before you pick it up.

We’re happy to help you at every stage of this process to make the entire task of shipping your car as easy as possible. When you’re planning a major move, the last thing you need is the extra hassle of worrying about your car. Keep it safe and get it delivered on time by giving us a call.

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