Reasons to Use a Car Transport Company

Need to ship your car or truck?

Reasons to Use a Car Transport Company

You may think a car transport company is who you call when you’re making a cross-country move and you can’t do the long drive yourself. And that’s true. But there are many, many other reasons you might want to call a car shipping company — And some of them might surprise you. Take a look at just a few:

You have an antique car. Even if you’re showing your antique car at a car show only one town away, you might want to transport it there by using a car shipping company. This keeps the mileage down and maintains its pristine condition.

You save yourself more time. If you need to travel even just a few states away, having your car shipped saves you all that time on the road. That way, if you need to be fresh and presentable on the other end of your journey, you can step off the plane in a few hours rather than slogging through hundreds of miles of driving. Use all that extra time to do the things you want or need to do.

You lower your car’s mileage. Your car loses value with every mile you put on it. If you’re leasing your vehicle, you may even end up paying big time for all those extra miles. Why put yourself through that when you could ship your car and save the extra wear and tear?

You own a race car. Many race cars aren’t street-legal, and the costs to purchase an expensive trailer plus the hassles of driving it may not appeal to you. Have your race car delivered straight to the track by a car shipping company so you can enjoy the fun of driving.

Your business owns many vehicles. If your business is moving, you could have your employees take the time away from their jobs to transfer your vehicles to their new location — putting mileage on the cars as they do so. Or you could just have a professional car transport company handle the transfer simply and efficiently.

You can’t make the drive safely. Maybe the drive you need to make is a challenging one. Perhaps you have limitations on your driving; for instance, maybe your license only allows you to drive during daylight hours. You might be making a long journey under tough emotional conditions — Maybe you’re heading back to help prepare your childhood home for sale. In any event, using a car shipping company can give you peace of mind so you can focus on what matters.

You’re selling your car to an out-of-town buyer. If you have a classic car, you might find a buyer for it in another state. Why add to the complication of the sale when you can deliver it safely without taking extra time out of your schedule?

And, of course, maybe you’re moving to another state — one of the major reasons most people choose to use car transport companies.

Whatever your reason for shipping your car, we’re here to make it easy and smooth. Call us today to let us answer questions and help you make the best decision on how to transport your car.

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