How to Get More out of Your Road Trip

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How to Get More out of Your Road Trip

A road trip can be a marvelous way to spend a vacation. Whether you plan to travel up the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle, meander along the East Coast’s Intracoastal Waterway, or even cross the entire country to see all its wonders, a long road trip can be an exciting adventure that lets you bond with your traveling companions as you explore new vistas.

However, once you reach the end of your road trip, you realize it’s not really over. Now you have to turn around and do the entire trip again, but this time in reverse, just to get back home.

It’s one thing to put all those miles on your vehicle and pay for all that gas while you’re having fun. But it’s hard to justify all that time, expense, and wear and tear on your car when you’re just slogging down the interstate to get back home.

Here’s an idea: Consider calling a car transport company and shipping your car for one leg of the journey. If you have a vacation period of limited duration, you can take full advantage of your time by flying home after your road trip is over. For example, drive the luscious coastline through Washington, Oregon and California, and while you spend a few days relaxing on a southern California beach, your car can be on its way back home, waiting for you when you arrive — or have it shipped to the starting point of your road trip, and drive home.

Time isn’t the only element that makes this a great idea. Money is a huge factor as well (isn’t it always?). Think about the cost of gas for that return trip. What about all the extra hotel bills you’ll incur driving back along a road you’ve already traversed? All the extra meals? Not to mention the lost vacation time or lost wages from taking all that extra time off.

When you ship your car home, you also gain in some less obvious ways. You spare your car all the extra wear and tear that could show up later in higher repair costs.

Think about finishing a wonderful vacation, hopping on a plane, and returning home refreshed, with everyone sharing great memories and in jokes from the trip. Now think about a long, long drive with no vacation highlights left to enjoy, just endless road stretching out before you, as you and your fellow travelers start to get on each other’s nerves.

Doesn’t it sound great to call a car shipping company to have your car shipped so you can enjoy every minute of your vacation? Give us a call today to talk about how we can help you get more out of your long-awaited road trip by shortening one leg, and make your vacation plans with ease and anticipation.

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