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Snowbird Shipping Services

Why Snowbirds Should Consider Shipping Their Cars

If you’re a snowbird, you’re familiar with the yearly trek away from your snowbound summer home to the welcoming warmth of Florida, Arizona, southern California, or other Sun Belt states during the winter. But that annual trip carries with it some complicated choices.

What do you do about transportation in your home-away-from-home? Do you fork out the money for a rental car for all those months, and then end up stuck driving a car you don’t really like or feel comfortable with? Do you pay for two cars all year long, even though you can only drive one at a time? Do you hire a stranger to drive your car for you (and how do you find that person or know you can trust him?)?

Or do you attempt the dangerous task of making the long drive, hundreds of miles on perilous roads through difficult weather conditions including ice, snow, sleet and black ice, hoping you arrive in the sunshine still in one piece?

There’s another solution. Have you ever considered shipping your car south for the winter? When you use a car shipping company to help you make the annual transition, you get the pleasure and safety of driving your own car no matter what part of the country you’re in. You avoid the danger of making that long drive through the inclement weather you’re trying to avoid in the first place. And you save money — a lot of money — when compared to your other options.

Special Considerations for Snowbirds

If you decide to use an auto transport company to ship your own car south for the winter, you’ve made a smart choice. Here are a few things you can do to make the process as smooth as silk:

  • Book early. You’re not the only one with the brilliant idea of shipping your car with an auto transport company, so make your arrangements in advance to have your choice of shipping dates.
  • Team up with your neighbors. If you’re not the only one in your northern neighborhood heading south to flee the snow and cold, see if you can join in with neighbors and ship an entire truckload of cars together. It’s likely to save you money and shorten your delivery time, since the transport vehicle won’t have to make any stops along the way to drop off cars.
  • Consider your dropoff points. You can also save money by having your car shipped to a designated terminal rather than demanding door-to-door service. See whether your car shipping company can deliver your car to the train station or airport where you’ll be arriving.
  • Make sure you’re reachable. If you’re going to be traveling at the same time as your vehicle, make sure your car transport company has your mobile number or knows other ways to reach you. Confirm that your train has Wi-Fi to keep you connected, or let your car shipping company know when you’ll be in the air.
  • Track your car. Did you know that your car can be reachable, too? Ask your car shipping company how to track your car on the road, so you can enjoy watching it wend its way to meet you under the winter sun.

Shipping your car south for the winter can be one of the best decisions you make to help you enjoy your winter home as a snowbird. Check out our top-notch services and ask about making a shipping date today.

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