Relocating Company Fleet Vehicles

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Relocating Company Fleet Vehicles

Maybe your company is relocating its headquarters, and it’s fallen to you to arrange for transporting your organization’s entire fleet of vehicles to a new state. Maybe you’re a car dealership moving to a more advantageous location across town.

Whatever the reason you need to relocate your many vehicles, you have a logistics challenge ahead of you. Let us help. As a seasoned car transport company, we understand the tricky details of the task ahead of you. Take a look.

The Challenges of Relocating Your Fleet of Vehicles

Every move involves challenges and stresses, and when you’re moving an entire fleet, those challenges increase exponentially. Your move involves arranging for vehicle pickup using multiple car carriers, confirming the condition of each vehicle via photos and reports, checking registrations and fuel levels, and keeping track of multiple keys for each vehicle — and all of that is before the move even begins!

Then you have to coordinate the delivery of multiple cars, making sure to stagger arrival of car transport carriers, staying in communication during the entire move, offloading vehicles safely, confirming that each car is delivered in the same state as when it was picked up, and finishing up all the paperwork involved.

To handle these challenges, you need a car shipping company with experience in moving entire fleets.

Factors to Consider When Relocating Your Fleet

In many cases, the vehicles in your fleet may all look the same. If you’re moving four dozen white vans, you can help speed up the entire process by providing identifying information clearly attached to each vehicle. Provide VIN numbers in locations that are easy to find to streamline the pickup and delivery process.

It’s also helpful, especially on the delivery end, to stagger your delivery times so you don’t have to handle the unloading and positioning of dozens of vehicles at once. Doing this can also help you plan ahead to have appropriate numbers of vehicles available for use as your employees need them.

How We Can Help With Fleet Relocation

We’re ready to help you with the challenge of relocating your company’s many vehicles from start to finish. We’ll help you with paperwork, we’ll walk you through the extremely complicated process of planning for and scheduling the move, and we’ll handle the entire move smoothly and painlessly.

We stay in touch with you at every step along the way. You’ll never have to call us, worried because you’re not sure where your vehicles are or when they’ll be delivered — because we’ll already have been in touch with you with all the information you need. And of course, we’re fully licensed and insured to handle a move like yours.

Call us today to let us show you why we’re the right choice to move your entire fleet.

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