Things to Do Before Shipping a Car That You Purchased Online

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Things to Do Before Shipping a Car That You Purchased Online

Purchasing an automobile is a major investment with long-term benefits. As a self-proclaimed tech guru, I feel good about the choice I made to buy my new vehicle from an online vendor. It was the first time I’ve bought a car over the Internet and to my surprise, the transaction went very smoothly. The only issue is that my new set of wheels is out of state and I’m not able to take off work to go pick it up directly from the seller. I initially thought that would be a huge problem but after doing some extensive research on reputable auto shipping companies, I’m definitely more confident about moving forward with shipping a car. Here’s a detailed list of things I need to do before taking the next step.

Learn the History of Qualified Companies

Before shipping a car, it’s a good idea to compare auto shipping companies. One of the best ways to do that is to find out as much as possible about each business’s background. I want to know when the company was established and whether it’s legitimate, as well as its past and current reputation which is dependent on customer relations. Also, I want to ensure that the companies are operating effectively but most of all, not fraudulent. This means they don’t have any hidden fees or require customers to make a deposit before any work is done which isn’t a normal policy. All of this information helps determine if this option is the ideal fit or not.

Consult with a Company Representative about Shipping a Car

After I’ve done my personal research, it’s time to reach out to the company of my choice. Speaking to a warm and knowledgeable customer service agent helps give peace of mind during the decision-making process. These associates are there to ensure client satisfaction by addressing any concerns and guiding them through the confirmation process.

Confirm the Carrier is Insured

Protecting my assets is certainly key to a worthwhile vehicle transporting experience. Large scale auto shipping companies are supposed to provide carriers that are fully responsible for cargo insurance. This means the professionals carrying my car from point A to point B are liable in the event that it suffers damages due to collision or foul play.

Pick a Trailer

There’s different types of trailers clients can request when shipping a car, depending on the qualities of their vehicle. The majority of people get open trailers because they’re the least expensive. Only a select few may opt for enclosed trailers, such as owners of costly custom cars. Regardless of the kind of trailer I choose, I want to remain certain that my car is in good hands.

Ensure Purchase Details are In Order

Lastly, it’s up to me to make sure all car purchase details are in order. My worst nightmare is to have a carrier go pick up my new 5-speed beauty only to find out that the title hasn’t been rightfully transferred to my name or other discrepancies that could put a damper on the auto shipping process.


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