What Not to Do Before Shipping a Car With Auto Transporters

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What Not to Do Before Shipping a Car With Auto Transporters

I’ve just purchased my first car over the Internet, and it’s so exciting to know I’ll be testing the new set of wheels this time next month. Having been a hardcore cyclist for years, it’s going to take some getting used to, but my new job is now further away from where I live. I’ll need a vehicle since I don’t want to commute two hours there and back every day via public transportation.

Things never go as expected. If someone would’ve told me I’d be buying my dream car from a seller who’s five states away, I wouldn’t have believed them at all. Still, here I am, getting ready to consult with an expert from a vehicle transporting company about shipping my car. Although I’m not in the mood to go through the hassle it takes to ensure all my t’s are crossed and all my I’s are dotted, I’m more worried about what could happen if I miss some crucial steps along the way. Here’s some things I definitely don’t want to make the mistake of doing before I make the next move.

Avoid Comparing Companies

Believe it or not, it isn’t a total waste of time to research car shippers beforehand. I’ve been told that I’d be worse off if I didn’t do my homework because then, I’d risk wasting money on mediocre service. It’s best to put in the extra effort and come out as a winner than feel like a total loser for not looking into the backgrounds or reputations of potential companies.

Never Ask Questions

There’s really no such thing as a dumb question. I’m doing myself a disservice by choosing not to be vocal with the car shipping company of my choice. It’s best to make a list of questions and interview a company representative before entering a contract. Chances are I might ask something that sparks conversation around new or hidden procedures.

Pay an Initial Deposit

Only fraudulent companies who are eager to get customers’ money in exchange for zero results ask for an initial deposit before any work has been done. Auto transporters get paid after they’ve shipped the vehicle in question. This is a fact, meaning there are no gray areas on this situation.

Fail to Write a Record of Cosmetic Damage

It’s extremely vital to keep a record of any dents, scratches or other damages done the body of a car before it ships. In my case, I only have a written description and photos from the sellers’ car advertisement to reference. Still, it feels good to know that the records are dated in case any issues occur.

Forget to Remove Personal Belongings

The last thing individuals should do is leave personal items in their cars if they plan on have it shipped by auto transporters. Again, in this case, it would be the seller who needs to make sure they’ve removed all of their belongings before they say goodbye to the vehicle that was once theirs.

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