Tow Truck or Professional Car Shipping Service?

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Tow Truck or Professional Car Shipping Service?

My husband is a classic car nut.   The love of his life is a Classic Mini Cooper, which he has known and loved longer than me, and we’ve been married for 32 years.  Let’s just say, the Beatles were coming on the scene, Twiggy was posing next to Mini Coopers and making the cover of Vogue Magazine and the year was 1960 when this car came into being.   It was also the year we were both born, which adds to the significance of this car being in our possession over all these years.  When we learned we were moving from York, PA to Williamsburg, VA, we needed to make a decision – tow truck or professional car shipping service?  We ended up having both experiences because the moving company sent a tow truck to move the car from our PA house to the professional car shipping service’s local office.   Then they moved the car from PA to VA, delivering it neatly and professionally.

But first, the tow truck experience.  The towing company sent a flatbed truck and because we know classic cars often need a special tow dolly or tow bar, we explained this to the towing company.  Even though they assured us they were able to handle this smaller than compact car, the process of moving our car onto their truck became one hilarious turn of events after another.  Tools, tow bars, winches were not compatible.  The team considered lifting the vehicle from all four corners, as my husband’s fraternity brothers had done numerous times in college in search of creative places to leave it as a practical joke.  Finally the car made it onto the truck, was secured and readied for the trip.  The tow truck made it 50 feet down our lane, turned onto a busy 4 lane highway and broke down in the middle of the road.  Traffic was blocked, including our moving truck coming to pick up the contents of the rest of our house.

The professional car shipping service seemed to exceed all of our expectations, even though the bar had been set pretty low by the towing experience.  From the savvy customer service representative to the specialty truck and equipment designed to handle a European classic, our delivery team was on time, fast and professional.  A special touch that I appreciated was the picture texted to us at each step of the transport.  No doubt, they had heard of the trials we experienced with the towing service.   The delivery team was actually excited to meet my husband, curious to know about the origin of the car and the history of the Austin and Mini Coopers.  This car shipping service reminded us of the experience we had when we bought our more recent minis, once the order is placed we received a report describing all of the options we had chosen, a production number and a port location where the car was delivered.   We remember the excitement we felt as the quest to track the MINI began.

We learned our lesson to always use the professional shipping service, even if it is only a short distance.  We want this car to be in good shape for its next 50 year s of existence!

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