What do You do with Your Keys when Shipping Cars?

Need to ship your car or truck?

What do You do with Your Keys when Shipping Cars?

So you’re moving to another state, and you plan to ship your car. You’ve done all your due diligence and research, and you’ve chosen a reputable car shipping company. The time has come for the big move, but you realize you have one last question: What do you do with your car keys?

Here are few guidelines regarding your car keys during shipping.

Yes, You Have to Turn Over Your Keys

If you’re one of the folks out there who get nervous turning your car keys over to a valet parker, take a deep breath. Your car transport company is staffed with professionals who have plenty of experience taking care of all kinds of cars and getting them safely to their destinations.

Whether your car is being shipped in an enclosed trailer or on an open-air car carrier, the people moving your auto must be able to drive it on and off the carrier. Because of that, they need your keys. If you’re saving money by having your car shipped with several other vehicles, they may even need to drive your car on and off a couple of times in order to access other cars. That means they need to keep your keys with them through the trip.

Better Clear Out Your Car

Your car shipping company will keep your car and your car keys safe, but it’s a good idea to clear everything out of the car before it’s shipped, just for your own peace of mind. Of course you should remove any electronic devices that you can, and take a look through the trunk, the glove compartment, and any cubbies or other storage compartments to make sure you haven’t left behind something of sentimental or personal value.

And yes, it’s a very good idea to make a couple of extra sets of keys. You don’t need to spend the money to duplicate your electronic transponders or key fobs, but head to the locksmith and ask for a couple of valet keys, just so you can feel secure during shipping.

What If Your Keys Get Lost?

It’s very, very rare that a responsible car shipping company would ever lose your keys. But let’s just suppose the worst happens.

Now you’ll be glad you had that spare set of keys. If you’re not trying to pinch pennies (for instance, if your employer is paying for your move), call a mobile locksmith to come out and reprogram your transponder so you have a complete duplicate of your keys. Mobile locksmiths have sophisticated electronic equipment, and they can unlock your locked care safely without causing any damage.

The local car dealer can also supply a replacement key or program a new key to match your car, so they’re also a great source for help. Remember that your car transport company has insurance for just such a moment as this, and ask them to make right anything that’s gone wrong.

Of course, when you contract with a reputable car transport company, you can typically expect everything to go right. Give us a call to ask about all the precautions we take to make sure your car (and your keys!) are safe during pickup, shipping, and delivery, and give us a chance to give you a quote.

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