With Spring in the Air Give Your Car Some Much Needed Care

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With Spring in the Air Give Your Car Some Much Needed Care

With spring in the air, it’s time to think about maintenance for your cars, especially if you’ve been driving in inclement weather all winter or if you’ve had them garaged away. Maybe you’re getting ready for a big move as soon as the kids are out of school, or maybe you’re getting ready to go to your summer home, and you want to give a car shipping company a call to have your car there waiting for you.

Whatever season of life you’re in, the season of spring is the perfect time to pay attention to a little maintenance. Here are some tips for springtime sprucing up for your vehicle.

Change All Your Fluids.

Winter is rough on a car. Even if your vehicle has been stored, all those fluids start to clot and clog after all those weeks of not being used. Get your oil changed (and the oil filter with it), and top off your coolant, transmission fluid, and your windshield washing fluid. Check your power steering fluid and brake fluid as well — If they’re low, you may be seeing signs of a leak, so handle any needed repairs for your own safety.

Wash and Wax Your Car.

Winter’s tough on the outside of your car as well. All that snow, ice and slush — not to mention the salt!— can wreak havoc on your car’s looks and on the integrity of its exterior. Get it washed before you drive into spring, and don’t forget to rust-proof the undercarriage. If you’re planning to ship your car to a new destination, a good waxing is a great idea to help protect the paint job from debris along the journey.

Replace Those Windshield Wiper Blades.

You may get to say goodbye to snow in most regions once spring rolls around, but those May flowers have the April showers to thank — and that means you need wiper blades that work reliably. Don’t risk driving into a spring thunderstorm with torn or cracked wiper blades that impair your visibility and make being on the road unsafe.

Check Your Battery.

All those wintertime temperatures can be very unkind to your vehicle’s battery, so swing by your local mechanic or a gas station to get it tested. While you’re there, make sure the connections have no corrosion and that the battery is securely mounted. Think about replacing it if it’s more than five years old, so you don’t wake up one morning to find your car won’t start.

Change Your Tires.

If you had snow tires on your car for the winter, now’s the time to get your car up on the rack and change them out for all-season tires. Even if you went through winter with standard tires, this is a good time to check your tire pressure and make sure you still have a healthy amount of tread left on your tires.

As your car transport company, we want to make sure your car is safe at all times, not just when we’re loading onto a car carrier for shipment to a new address. When you take good care of your car, it takes good care of you — and that’s the kind of care we give our customers as well. If you have a move coming up, give us a call for all your car shipping needs.

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