What You Need to Know Before You Ship Your Car

Need to ship your car or truck?

What You Need to Know Before You Ship Your Car

If you’re moving a long distance, having your car shipped is usually more cost-effective than driving it, and it saves you time and hassle as well. As you make the arrangements for shipping your car, there are a few things you need to know. Discuss these topics with your car transport company.

•How Is the Car Transport Company Shipping Your Car?

Different car shipping companies have various options available for shipping. If you just need your reliable car to show up when you need it, the option you choose may be different than if you’re shipping a meticulously restored classic auto or a high-end sports car.

Check out the choices available, weighing speed of delivery against cost and against protection for the car. An open car carrier is a less expensive way to ship your car, but it leaves the car vulnerable to inclement weather. Having your car shipped on a multicarrier also cuts down on costs, but it may take longer to get your car to you. Enclosed trailers with lift gates provide the greatest protection for your car, but they’re also the most expensive.

If you opt for a multicarrier, make sure you’ve made arrangements for personal transportation at your destination, and confirm delivery arrangements before you hand your car over to the transport company.

•What Insurance Does Your Car Transport Company Carry?

You should check with your own insurance company to see if it covers your car during transport, but the answer will probably be a resounding no. Confirm that your car shipping company has the insurance you need for your vehicle, and ask for increased coverage if you feel it’s necessary.

While it’s extremely unlikely that your car will damaged during transit, do a complete inspection when you turn your car over to the shipping company and again when you take delivery. The car carrier driver should sign off on any damage so you can make a claim against the company’s insurance if necessary.

•How Should You Prepare Your Car for Shipping?

Leave a little fuel in your car, since the car shipping company needs to drive it on and off the trailer. If your car has been sitting unused for an extended period, you should also charge the battery for this same reason. Checking other fluid levels is also important, especially antifreeze if your car will be transported through any freezing temperatures.

Clear out any loose items from your car, since you don’t want them flying free and possibly causing interior damage. While some car shipping companies allow you to ship some items in the trunk, be aware that they’ll add to the overall weight of the vehicle.

In addition, if you have any kind of transponder, such as an E-Z Pass for your local toll road, remove it, since it can keep working even from within the car carrier.

•What Does the Car Shipping Company Need to Know About Your Car?

If you’re asking your car transport company to carry a classic car or sports car, make sure you communicate any special requirements. Tell your shipping company if your car has a kill or cut-off switch, and provide instructions for disabling any alarms. Providing written instructions is a good idea as well.

Whether you’re buying a car in another state or handling a cross-country move, a car transport company can be the easiest way to get a new vehicle or hang on to your dependable, beloved car. Make relocation easy by arranging for car shipping today.

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