Why You Should Consider an Enclosed Carrier When Shipping Your Car

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Why You Should Consider an Enclosed Carrier When Shipping Your Car

Maybe you have an extended drive ahead of you and you’re a little concerned about what it might mean for your car. Maybe you’re already planning to ship your car, but you can’t decide between loading it onto an open-air car carrier or asking for an enclosed carrier. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider opting for an closed carrier when you talk to your car transport company.

You’re Going to a Car Show

Yes, maybe you have a dazzlingly unique vehicle — say, a vintage 1935 Morgan. Maybe you’ve treated your dad’s 1965 Mustang like the prized possession it is and are ready to display it for the world to see. Or maybe you just love your Mazda Miata and want to celebrate it with other Miata owners.

No matter your motivation, if you’re going to a car show, you want it to look its best. Play it safe and ensure that it’s ready to show off by transporting your beauty in an enclosed car carrier.

The Route or Weather Poses the Possibility of Damage

If you’re making a long-distance move, you may want to make the logistics easier by having at least one of your cars shipped to your new home. Once you’ve made that decision, you have to choose between an open and enclosed car carrier.

For many trips, an open car carrier is fine. However, if you’re moving during a time of year when you can expect inclement weather on the route, or if your route takes you through terrain where rocks and other debris might be kicked up from the road, you might want to opt for the closed carrier, since it’ll protect your car from rain, hail, debris and even bird droppings. Remember, if you choose an open carrier, it’ll probably be carrying other cars as well, so it’s important to check the entire route to see where it’s journeying, not just the most direct route from your old home to your new home.

You Own a Classic or Exotic Car

If you own a classic or exotic car, you already know how important it is to protect it, not just to preserve its condition and value but also for your own peace of mind. You might not be taking it to a car show to show it off or renting it for use in a movie set in past eras, but even if you’re just heading south to your winter home, keeping it away from inclement weather and road debris is worth it. Book an enclosed car carrier with your car shipping company to know that your prized vehicle will arrive at your destination in top shape, even if all you plan to do with it is just drive it around a little bit yourself.

Shipping your car becomes so much easier when you’re working with a car transport company you can trust. Give us a call to see how we can help you with all your car shipping needs.

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